Sweet delicious Nourishment
    from Baileys Irish cream.
     Nothing tastes the same. Nothing.


Proposition 317

With nine times more Irish-Americans in this country than there are people in all of Ireland, never before has the Irish spirit been so alive. Come St. Patrick’s Day that spirit is even more pronounced as everyone reveals a little bit of their Irish side. From camaraderie in the streets to the joy pulsating in their heart, people from all nationalities and backgrounds bask in glory that is Irish.


Home made shortbread from Ireland
using the best butter money can buy!

Get hooked on Irish marmalade too!





A New Zealand Mudshake is "hands down"
the best purchase you could possibly make
at the local liquor shop. Try the Irish Cream
certainly, for an "Irish hug" of truly great taste!!!!!!!!!

Lamb is truly exquisite -
from Australia and
New Zealand - Have some


Support Australian/
New Zealand fisheries!

The Wolfe-tones with the greatness
of the Irish spirit here for you!

great Irish beers - 
available in a combined 
case lot of these Brands
at participating beer shops


 Magners of Ireland offers a great cider!!
(Pear or apple) that might just be your choice of bar drink every-time (why not in place of a beer now and then?)