we waste Millions at
the post office due
to a lack of automation
in the purchase of
stamp products

Postal mail is now completely unnecessary for the following,
(all of which can per performed instantly with electronic facilities
offered on the internet - at your bank's website and elsewhere as

1) Sending monies (use paypal or interac email within Canada)
2) Bill payments (use the payment from account on-line at your
own bank-s website bill paying facility)


We note that PC financial offers free banking 
for everything from free cheque printing and
transactions, debit card transactions, on-line 
bill payments and such - wow!

3) send your letters instantly using email, 
embedding nice images such as this:
letters sent instantly are way more romantic than keeping
your loved ones waiting for postal mail and such like delays

4) we pay too much to unionized employees in many public
sectors given the powers of strike action - much of this
is not kept within the family that truly cares for its own
collectively speaking in terms of merited notions of this
(stop outsourcing employment locally)

5) all government issued documents and forms should
be available through easy on-line application with 
personal identification password access.

ban junk-mail that is wasteful inefficient and has
no merited claim to being delivered as mass spam