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Ideas on Policing

Derivativa potestas non potest esse major primitiva
"Power delegated (to law enforcement) cannot exceed that which was its origin -  (the legitimate powers rightly of a state to begin with)" 


Hominum sententia fallax 
"the judgment of men is fallible"

Its about time Conrad Black was exonerated as he was never rightly
accused of anything! 
(Nor should he have been imprisoned before having the chance
to clear himself on appeal against these baseless charges
- he wasn't
"leaving town or anything").

Beneficium dignis ubi des, omnes obligas 
"Where you confer a benefit on the worthy, you oblige all men" 

National Policing

A national police force RCMP to replace  
all local police forces with the same high 
standards from sea to sea. An overviewing  
body such as CSIS to ensure impartial  
investigations of complaints against the  
RCMP, with a separate line of command.  
Proper decorum in uniform selections  
please! (No Eastern turbans and the like 
- instead we would like to see the sort of  
uniforms used by the British coppers of  
rank, including a tie and skirts for  
women). We've seen members of the Toronto
Police brass (high ranking) dressed in 
material the Salvation Army wouldn't accept!
Even low paid security guards use better material
for their uniforms than what we've seen here!

British talent to rule, please!

No "Harley Davidson"  
monstrosities when a high powered BMW  
would do better. Volvos across the board.  
Appropriate white colored vehicles with  
red and blue touches and coat of arms. 
Some matters are to be considered of  
"local jurisdiction" or "importance", while 
others may be pursued by detachments wherever 
appropriate. This is a better approach to  
the local sheriff approach, which leaves it
to the local community to provide the right
talent, under the right control. 

The Governor of California (Mr. Arnold 
Schwarzenegger) showed wisdom and
leadership in rejecting calls to extend the
life of convicted mass murderer (four 
murders) a fella named "tookie williams". 
It would have cost us $50K+ per year to 
house and feed this guy while prarie kids
do without adequate meals. That ain't so
Christianly, it really is better that justice 
was done. In the complete absence of 
this we suffer in ways hard to notice, feeling
hateful for lack of real good judgment all 
around. It wont bring back his victims, it will
make their families live saner, and it will
prevent other injustices similar to this.
Nicely done Governor!




We demand an end to non-emergency Police authorized towing
of vehicles parked in "non parking" spots for brief periods of time
of less than a day.
A REASONABLY priced parking ticket works as well
provided it can be kept to around five bucks. The city
doesn't need to be padding pockets "downtown" by stealing
from the poor (poor in spirit that is as that's all you make
of victims of a tow).


(wheres this fella below carrying this woman
off too huh!) Its a criminal matter for this state
to have investigated as a "life style choice here.
Apparently Canada has no sense of decency in law
enforcement in respect of common sense towards women.

Toronto styled manhandling
of women citizens

Palmam qui meruit ferat 
(Let him bear the palm who has deserved it).

OJ Autographs? No way!
A return of capital punishment to deter 
such cruelly stupid waste of life as 
recently occurred in Toronto with the 
shooting death of an Irish mom at a 
branch of The Toronto Dominion Bank.
Swift justice (hanging) for such offences
could deter these sorts of criminals who
do not respect human life otherwise, from
taking it. Same for the
Just desserts
murder of a French woman - a case
concluded here in Toronto. There appeared
to be little remorse to show of, on the
faces of the convicts. 

PROMPT deportation of ALL such UNDESIRABLE
criminals to countries from which they came
from. Across the board!

We have to question the sanity of folks
who requests autographs from "mobsters"
and from OJ Simpson etc (he stands convicted
in civil court of causing the 
slitting of the throat of 

a rather fragile woman!) Yet some church
going sorts think that's cause for celebration
in the adoration of a "star". Or so it would appear.
Hope we got this wrong, folks! We just don't think
this has been rightly disposed of by the courts
as yet. We plan some legal action in superior court
on the matter if in fact the judge will hear of it 
all over again.

We just think its gotta cost you more than a tow
of the Bentley parked in your driveway if you get
up to doin stuff like this. Who's to be next?

Fair justice is ALL we seek and in this we are 
firmly committed. It starts with an awakening on
moral matters in an atmosphere which reeks of


The admitted killers of Kimberly Proctor
got only ten years before parole for
brutally raping, murdering and physically
assaulting before using spending hours 
after she had died, butchering her body 
with knives - and then buring her remains
before dumping her body - such men are 
psychopaths who are certain to re-offend
 - yet Canadians give 'em a sweetheart deal
as there;s always a bleedin hearted lunatic
willing to give a pervert a break they dont
got coming to them - for crissakes man!

Affirmative Action

An end to discriminatory practices which deny 
the best candidate for the position in favour a 
lesser qualified candidate whether the
candidate receiving the benefit of such 
discrimination be requiring it on the basis of 
their race, sex or sexual orientation.

Reversal of discrimination
Also, we have documented clear cases of discrimination
against the hiring of Irish women at Toronto
businesses such as some coffee chains that have
zero whites at many of their locations despite our
protests to them and our filing of a human rights
complaint which has yet to be heard after six months
on the books.
Why not practice 100% fairness here? People otherwise
become hateful and that is something we don't wish to see 

Zero whites here!
Latin: (on affirmative action)
bene merenti mala es
male merenti bona es  - Plautus 

To a man well deserving of good, you are doing evil instead!
Its to a man ill deserving of good, where you "the do good" instead

Chief Hon Mr. William Blair

This gal from Ireland makes the best female copper on the planet

Invitat culpam qui peccatum praeterit
"He, invites guilt - who overlooks crime" 

This young woman was assaulted by prison guards armed
with electrical  devices (tasers)similar to how they killed 
Robert Dzaikannski (see above) She was continually deprived
of sleep in a "torture cell"over years of such treatment in 
Canada. We want Justice for Ashley Smith too for being
abused  "to death" while being in an Psych Prison.

The matter is still being looked into by Ombudsman 
Mr. Bernard Richard of New Brunswick, who does seem
humanly concerned however he appears to lack the powers
needed to see charges laid and the system forever reformed.
We will have a website soon setup in Ashleys honour with 
material we believe should be kept front and centre 
till justice is complete.

Ovem lupo commisti
(You have entrusted the sheep to the wolf)

Inane styled human rights examples of Canada

Absurdum est ut alios regat, qui seipsim regere nescit
(It is absurd that he who does not know how to govern himself should govern others).

Abuse resulting from prostitution

Prostitution must be legalized, protected
and regulated in all civilized countries.
It is the most natural of conditions found in all 
societies and communities when practiced from choice.
Ways must be found to help women to refuse
all forms of abuse because they have alternatives
available to them. Alternatives that we are committed
to seeing in place regardless of the complete and
ultimate cost to any and all involved that would stand
in this stead as rejectors of that which is good.
Prostitution with poor partners is abuse which leads 
to schizophrenia and hateful disposition. Lets end
it in this respect. It is the very worst form of abuse
imaginable to inflict in a human soul.

Male "officers" are never to handle women in any intimate
manner at all. And that means "hands off!"

By the way, women workers in "strip clubs" should be
guaranteed twice the minimum wage and given protection
against an invasion of their intimacy unless they consent
by their own free will - stage dances should only be to 
the extent of a "tease" while full nudes in private only
and as appropriate only for society in that poor choices
aren't being forced upon these women. Let them decide
freely for themselves. its their life - and we must make it 
sane enough an environment  for them to have a real choice.
Women who do not discriminate in granting intimacy go 
insane over time (see our personalysis research document).

Teach the kids in a Christianly way!

Private Clubs should feel free to be discriminating 
as to who they wish for their own members 
(freedom of association) whether they choose to 
do so on the basis of considerations which include 
race, sex, sexual orientation, political views, 
educational persuasion, etc.

There is to be NO legislating of friendships 
and association. We would encourage, for example, 
men and women from universities forming their own
private clubs where they may sip a brandy, attired in
formal uniform and discuss the future of our nation. 
We would leave it up to them to select their own 

No more needless "strip searches" for a dehumanizing 
"stupid thrill" Its nothing but rape

Use a female nurse operated body scanner if need be (instead)


End the use of handcuffs - unless really and truly 
individually justified for a time


Traditional "monkey styled" paddy wagons for
certified lunatics only please!





Mr. Michael Rizzo
Leader -
Euro British Coalition
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Letter to Editor by Michael E. Chessman September 19th, 2005
The following statement by Michael was printed by the editors of Macleans:

"In order for life to be supported, there must
 be a meaningful existence at stake.
The pain and suffering of all involved must
be considered. If life can only be justified on
the basis that life is always a right and must
 be sustained only for this reason, then I 
suggest that we are being irrationally defensive
 rather than truly good."

Michael Chessman
Founder Coalition for a Humanistic Euro British Canada
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Radio coverage
Mr. Chessman appeared on several talk shows on Radio
in 1999 including
CJOB Manitoba and stations in
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across Canada

In the CJOB interview there was great controversy
as a result of Mr. Chessman's insistence that we only
hire"the most competent people" to ensure "FAIRNESS".

 Mr. Chessman accepted an invitation from Melbourne's  3AW radio to speak on issues that had led to riots in Australia relating to racial unrest.

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