"the Euro Humanist movement"


policy statement of
The Humanist Institute
The Humanist Institute (founded
by Mr. Michael Chessman) is calling for an end to so called “multiculturalism” and “affirmative action” oriented policies and initiatives across the board. It is our contention that such ideas are hateful to those that are its victims in that honest merit is negated in favor of some other notion of decency instead. There can be no doubt that the motives involved in such policies are suspect of being at odds with genuine merit on the basis of sheer incompetence alone – which seeks to level by the playing field as it were by cheating on what would instead be true ideas of fairness in merited entitlement. Whether its in respect of culture that is most widely selected for presentation in homes through choices made by broadcasters acting from inappropriate standards, or employers determining what is an alternatively preferred way to present service alternatives based similarly on the basis of rejecting merit, or in such ideas as to what decisions are made overall, in respect of the allocation of space and related resources within our borders – all this is what we see at grave danger of becoming a disaster for those of merit – if we do not begin immediately to make better decisions aimed at a complete reversal of this mindset and its effects on human beings that wish real fairness for the society we choose to live in instead.

Write to your MP and other decision makers in your communities today with your vote of support for rejecting and reversing the trend towards “equalized inanity”.

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tempora mutantur et homines deteriorantur - 
times change and men deteriorate (gesta Romanarum)



-founded by:
Mr. Michael Rizzo Chessman


Humanism defined
Humanism is the belief in the capacity of
the best people to find universal moral guidance and spiritual fulfillment by simply "looking within"

supra vires - beyond one's legitimate powers
Not all people get the same sort of ideas on wisdom when considering what they think they are considering moral matters as they become guilty of "anthropomorphism" since
their ideas are more clearly a reflection of human failings
 rather than any true genuine  goodness, sanely valid.