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Mr. Michael Chessman
Leader - eurocoalition


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Michael Chessman (Founder)

Euro British Coalition

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Policy Statement Advertisements previously run in print media
Whites in South Africa facing threat of genocide or so it would appear
Euro Coalition tourism sites
Please visit the lovely folks here in Quebec too   
Euro Coalition Production ideas
Ban trade with non EU partners in select areas
Government Leaders respond to us
Support the spirit of the Irish on the planet
What would you really give to merited Irish spirits?
Italian? Have more!
Our one time Library donation effort
British schooling ideas (our related site at britishcanada.org)
We encourage our Irish pubs to offer karaoke!

Great Wines and Spirits (to enjoy responsibly)!
Charity begins at home
Much foreign aid is wasted
Better Euro food consumption

We supported Governor Mario Cuomo Snr for US Leadership and will continue to do so of his greatest sort

A page on the tragic consequences of WWII
on the people of europe and beyond

Michael Rizzo webpage with links

Michael Rizzo Chessman videos

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Get with these ideas, join in with the
thinking of our new movement:

The superiority of the true German Irish 
Christianly spirit is showcased below too

Sir Anthony Kearns - (The Irish Tenors group)

Mr. Michael Rizzo (Chessman)
Leader - Euro Coalition

An invitation to Press members